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& Erik S. Galuppo / Luppo Media
Book of Nyx

(A short film.)

Written & directed by

Christine Stevens DeLorenzo

"A preacher can have some fun, can't he?"

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The Audience Award for

Best Short Trailer

Anon Film Festival (2016)

Derbyshire, UK


Winner - 4th Place

The Indie Gathering  International Film Festival (2016)

Cleveland, OH

Certificate of Merit

International New York Film Festival (2016)

New York, NY

Honorable Mention Award 

Amarcord Arthouse Television & Video Fest (2016)

Chicago, IL

Officially Selected by:

Monmouth Film Festival (2016)

Red Bank, NJ 

Los Angeles Cinefest (2016) 

Los Angeles, CA

TMFF - The Monthly Film Festival (2016)

Glasgow, Scotland

Brisbane Backyard Film Festival (2016)

Brisbane QLD, Australia

Filmmakers Global Movie Trailer Festival (2016)

Beverly Hills, CA





A whiskey-drinking Southern preacher

- who dabbles in magic tricks - tries to save his Negro chambermaid from the noose.

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On the set of "Book of Nyx."


"He had one hell of a body, a smug personality, an audacious way of describing things, and - like most nineteen-year-olds - fell hard for pretty women." - Christine Stevens DeLorenzo

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I Ain't Going to Hell  (Ten-page short script.)

The town thief believes he's never going to hell, and, so, spends his days pilfering anything he can get his hands on until he steals the one thing that guarantees him a place in perdition.

"I Ain't Going to Hell is bursting with life. Your ear for dialogue is absolutely superb and the idea underpinning the screenplay is original and compelling. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Excellent work!" - Judge and Editor, A. Hannon, 13HORROR.COM



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